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Bow Horse

Liner Rug

Liner Rug

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Liner Rug - Horse Liners and Rug for Winter by Bow Horse

The ultimate tool in weather adaptability. Simply add or remove a suitable weight liner rug to combat any season and any weather. Our horse liner rugs have a tailored fit and an adjustable front velcro strap to allow matching to any adjustments made to the outer rug. Simple to attach and detach with a loop velcro attachment on each side of the neck and clips at the back. 

Combine these liners with our outer rugs to create a anywhere from a 100g - 500 gsm heavy weight horse rug.

Horse Liner Rug Specifications:

- 100g or 250gsm breathable fibre filling
- Anti-rub lining
- Shoulder gusset
- Adjustable front strap
- Four connection points to the outer rug, 2 velcro loop attachments on the neck and 2 snap clip connections to the tail cord D-rings.
- Filling of the rug embroidered next to the chest clips for easy identification
- Fleece lined wither pad

Prepare for any weather by utilising the Bow Horse liner rug system.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Super quality compared to Horseware liners I previously used. These actually have structure to them & stay in place. Better quality fittings and a deeper drop - just overall a better design.

Great fit & well designed

Love these liners. I also have Horseware liners and the Bow Horse are much better quality and fit! I find the fittings on the HW ones are very cheap and the metal D on the chest isn't fixed so it slips around and puts pressure on the horse's neck.

I also much prefer the attachments for the top rug being down on the shoulder rather than up on the wither. No getting caught in the mane or creating pressure points. The rump is nicely shaped and I like the open shoulder gusset to allow better airflow and movement.

The same adjustability as the turnout rug and unlike the HW liners, they have a good drop! Not a mini-skirt haha. The fittings at the back also allow you to add a tail cord so it could be used as a stable rug too.

Melissa Smith
Perfect under rug

Highly recommended.
It is light, fits perfectly, easy to put on and take off. Will definitely buy another when they have in the sizes I need.